Welcome to Gidlow School Of Motoring

Gidlow School of Motoring was established almost 30 years ago by proprietor Patrick Caulwell.

Patrick was one of the first instructors in the country to launch intensive driving courses, which attracted considerable overseas business, with clients from all over Europe.

This generated national coverage in newspapers such as the Times and Telegraph and television and radio, including the BBC, Radio 5 Live and Planet 24 where he appeared in the Weekend Show with Daley Thompson.

Patrick has also written articles for the Wigan Evening Post on the art of responsible driving and driving issues.

As a company, Gidlow is committed to training to the highest standard. Their aim, of course, is for you to pass your driving test – but they strive to achieve more than that. They are concerned with the safety of all road users, and aim not just to teach the rudiments of passing the test, but to teach all their pupils to drive with confidence, safety and skill, and with consideration for other road users and pedestrians.

You, too could be one of the thousands who have learned to drive with the Gidlow School of Motoring.